007 Secrets: SPECTRE

The newest film in the 007 series will be titled SPECTRE, a fitting reference to the real cabals and cartels that rule the world. Indeed, SPECTRE is presented early on in From Russia with Love with this very feature – they are international, as opposed to SMERSH being Russian, and play nation states off against one another. Transitioning from the Soviet-affiliated SMERSH in the first Bond novel, Casino Royale, SMERSH transforms into SPECTRE, a formidable “terrorist” organization from the ambiguous East.

It is also telling that back in the 50s and 60s, Ian Fleming was already predicting the transition from the communist threat to the international terrorist threat – something that gave me the indication that Fleming novels are worth a deeper look. Even current media hysteria seems the product of a shrewd psychological operation: Sony claims to have been hacked by North Korea, with the SPECTRE script leaked, as well as Pyongyang supposedly threatening 9/11 style attacks on theaters that play Franco and Rogen’s The Interview. Such headlines might as well be ripped from the pages of Fleming’s books, since they’re truer to life than we might think.

Casino Royale Ca$h Options

There’s nothing crazy about suspecting that more is at work, given the plot of Skyfall surrounded a former MI6 operative, Mr. Silva (Javier Bardem), playing a hacker hell-bent on wreaking vengeful havoc on M (Judy Dench) and all of Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It is surely not coincidence that in Skyfall, Silva has “back door” technology that brings to mind PROMIS software or the recent hubbub involving NSA spying and Snowden. With these recent news events in mind, an analysis of Skyfall is overdue. In the reboot of Casino Royale, we saw Bond engaged in a bout with an associate of what we can assume will be SPECTRE, the infamous LeChiffre, and in my analysis of Casino Royale, I noted as follows concerning the real associations that can be made between LeChiffre’s secret organization and the real cartels that run the show:

In the beginning (of the Casino Royale novel), however, Bond is not after SMERSH, but a wealthy, disfigured rogue who stuck out on his own and created a “fifth column” from SMERSH, named LeChiffre.  LeChiffre translates as “the cypher,” letting us know more is at work here. LeChiffre, according to Bond writer Ian MacIntyre, was based on British Satanist/occultist Aleister Crowley.

In fact, Ian Fleming, it has recently been claimed by researcher Anthony Masters, was responsible for crafting the plot to lure Rudolph Hess to Scotland based on a bogus astrological chart that tickled Hess’ fancy, created by Crowley. The plot worked, apparently, and Hess parachuted into Scotland and was captured.  LeChiffre, “the cypher,” has curious features, and like many Bond villains a strange sexual appetite and fixation, in the same vein as Crowley.

And in regard to put options and dirty financial dealings before 9/11 we can see a curious parallel:

While LeChiffre funds an uprising, he simultaneously makes a call to his broker to sell a million puts on Skyfleet, an amorphous airline. We get the impression LeChiffre plans a terror event that will in some way benefit his selling of the put options. In terms of esoteric analysis, this begins to look strikingly like the events prior to 9/11 that those “in the know,” know about. Prior to the terror events of that day, numerous puts had been placed on United Airline stocks, resulting in much speculation as to clear prior knowledge on the part of many in the power structure. As you can see from this mainstream report, the establishment blames “rogue traders.” Absurdly, the report purports the laughable line that the retard phony terrorists lurking in caves in Afghanistan were the masterminds behind not only the amazingly complex black operation of 9/11, but also the put options and insider trading. Why, Al Qaeda is virtually omnipotent and omnipresent! And in the narrative of Casino Royale, that is exactly what LeChiffre attempts to do, as he has engineered a bombing to occur on the release of a new prototype plane to be unveiled by Skyfleet.

Quantum of No Solace

Moving to the sequel in the rebooted series, Quantum of Solace, alchemy comes to the fore in Bond’s failed attempt to “bond” with the feminine. Quantum is the idea of matter or quantity or prima materia, and for Bond, a bit of peace and solace is never attained – primarily because he is a programmed killer, and the final betrayal of Vesper Lynd in Casino can only bring forth a cold, “The bitch is dead” from a unremorseful 007. This is crucial for understanding Fleming’s novels, as they are just as littered with esoteric images as the films. Quantum of Solace is a Fleming short story about Bond, but it is not like the film, aside from Bond’s inability to permanently pair with any babes (outside of getting laid). In alchemical fashion, the Quantum villains have names that are colors, Mr. White, Mr. Green, etc.

Laced with esoteric and occult imagery, Fleming’s novels relate the dark side of mind control in three stories in particular: Casino RoyaleOn Her Majesty’s Secret Service and You Only Live Twice. In Casino we learn that Bond is a programmed killer through his “00” status, in On Her Majesty’s we learn Blofeld is brainwashing young women under the auspices of treating allergies, ultimately plotting to attack England with a bioweapon, and in You Only Live Twice, Bond undergoes a blow to the head that wipes his mind and gives him amnesia. Thus, the “mind controlled assassin” is very much an aspect of the Bond canon.

“You should know something about the people I work with. We deal with the left or the right, with dictators or liberators.”
“You should know something about the people I work with. We deal with the left or the right, with dictators or liberators.”

In regard to Quantum, the organization that I suspect will be a front for SPECTRE, we learned:

…Quantum is “everywhere,” including inside British Intelligence. Quantum is a shadowy international group that uses corporate fronts. In fact, as researcher Phillip Collins has noted, Quantum bears a striking resemblance to the real international intelligence “get the job done” privatized operation The Secret Team. The Secret Team functioned as a kind of corporate intelligence for hire squad that did what needed to be done. That is precisely what Quantum is, and Quantum is itself both – the team and the corporation. Dominic Greene we learn runs the organization, whose main front is the Green Movement.

In fact, Greene at one point in the film blames government as the problem, and touts privatization, while demonizing “government.” Greene is an apostle for the Green Movement, and claims to support numerous environmental causes, and brings to mind someone like Al Gore. Another interesting point of relevance is that the Green Movement itself arose out of the Nazi-eugenics return to so-called “nature,” functioning under the guise of caring for the planet, while actually a corporate front for the control of strategic resources. That is exactly what Dominic Greene does in Quantum of Solace!

Quantum involved the green movement as a scam to rape underdeveloped nations, much like the UN and IMF in real life, assuming the perceptive viewer will make the connection. It is not accidental the middle of the film contained the massive presentation of the All-seeing Eye during the operatic presentation of La Tosca in Bregenz, and the church is within the eye. The message here being the control of all aspects of reality, from economics, to environment to religion, is encompassed within the grasp of the great eye – the secretive organization (SPECTRE) operates in a technocratic Panopticon that sees all.

The Illuminist opera La Tosca, with the church under the all-seeing eye.
The Illuminist opera La Tosca, with Western churchmen under the all-seeing eye of SPECTRE.

And what Bond-relevant entity utilized the eye as its symbol? The classic logo of British Intelligence, Mi5, as seen at bottom. Is Quantum of Solace telling us on a deeper level that the Anglo-establishment has gained control of all areas of life, including revolutionary movements and the arts, with all subservient to the City of London? I’ll let the reader be the judge, but certainly Quantum was telling more than even Casino Royale revealed.

The Sky Falls With Skyfall

When we come to Skyfall, similar themes appear. Skyfall is about Bond’s past – his family residence, as well as intelligence operations in a new world of cyber (virtual) reality. As usual, the famous opening sequence reveals the esoteric plot elements of the plot to come – from Bond’s katabasis (death and resurrection) to his psyche being fractured from his assassination programming. Swastikas are again present, like past Bond films, indicating in my analysis the manipulation of both the left and the right. For example, in Goldeneye, the opening sequence includes scantily clad hotties tearing down old Soviet statues, but what is actually at work in the opening sequence is a clear presentation of dialectics – the manipulation by the Eye of both sides of the Cold War dialectic.

Making the capitalist-communist dialectic sexy again.
Making the capitalist-communist dialectic oh-so-sexy.

This is also why Bond receives the Order of Lenin in A View to a Kill. This seeming contradiction is made coherent when we understand Mr. Greene’s words in Quantum of Solace: “You should know something about the people I work with. We deal with the left or the right, with dictators or liberators.” In Skyfall, however, we are entering Bond’s subconscious, and sinking with him to the abyss of death, as Bond is accidently shot by Moneypenny in a botched operation to retrieve a hard drive containing MI6 agents embedded with NATO.

Bond sinks to the ocean floor and is pulled into a black hole in the ocean’s floor, where a blood skull appears, leading to Bond shooting shadow selves. The shots break the glass images indicating the fractured psyche Bond has due to his training, torture, and numerous instances of trauma, and the images of pillars signify the deepest recesses and foundations of Bond’s archetypal subconscious. The shadow self will appear in the figure of Bond’s nemesis, Mr. Silva, who, like Bond, is betrayed by M and MI6.  Bond is thus tempted to leave his secret service work because of past issues with his own disfigured archetypes of mother and father – he is an orphan. M thus becomes his mother figure, and numerous times in the film the association of M with the Queen and mother are made, indicating associated archetypes.

Bond will be tempted to deny his loyal patriotic fervor embodied in the figure of Silva, the “traitor.” As Bond sinks deeper and deeper in the title sequence, we see death’s-head, fiery torture (likely his own torture at the hands of LeChiffre), and Chinese fire dragons. The presentation of the dragon within the deep or leviathan is interesting, as Bond will venture Eastward in the film to Macau and interact with gangsters involved in the sex trade that work for Silva. The sequence ends with the camera entering Bond’s left eye, or the left-handed path, where we will see more of the traumatic circumstances that have made 007 into the killing machine he is.

As I’m sure readers are aware, the plot is about MI6 being hacked by Silva and releasing the names of Mi6 agents over time. This oddly recalls the actual story of Richard Tomlinson, recounted in his book The Big Breach, as Tomlinson reportedly did leak such names online. Is Silva a fictional version of a kind of Tomlinson/Assage hybrid?  Possibly, as Silva is given a weird blonde hairdo reminiscent of Assange. Perhaps the idea of combining two so-called villains of Mi6 into a cyber-terror package was fitting. The intelligence agencies have played up the so-called threat of cyber terror for years, arguing that total control of the web is the only way to defeat all those hidden terrorists out there, and in Skyfall we even have Silva as the mastermind of a 7/7 style Underground bombing!

Blonde hackers? Is is 1997 again? Will Prodigy be playing?
Blonde hackers? Is it 1997 again? Will Prodigy be playing?

Simultaneous with his subway bombing, M is at a government hearing on humint being “old-fashioned,” and in response M reads a Tennyson poem about England still being an empire, but with new enemies.  The new enemies are everyone and no one – hidden terrorists everywhere. So, a former MI6 agent is responsible for the 7/7-style event in the film narrative, while in real life, 7/7 had curious connections to Western intelligence that have never been adequately explained or addressed by the said establishment.

Like Achilles, Bond is vitally wounded and “resurrected” to return to duty, while a bombed MI6 headquarters has relocated the recouped agency to an underground base, formerly Churchill’s World War II bunker. The consistent theme of the old versus the new appears throughout the film, as fans are given constant references to classic Bond guns like the Walther PPK and the sleek Aston Martin ride. With Bond’s new IT nerd Quartermaster, Bond must grapple with the realities of modern cyber-espionage supplanting classic methods of humint and assassinations. “Is Bond washed up?” is the film’s question, and thus we delve into Bond’s origins and psychological trauma to resolve such issues from his dark past.

Most of the previous is mostly irrelevant to the ultimate message of the film, which is that terrorists are still everywhere, and intelligence agencies, though they keep failing, need more funding to protect us from Tomlinson, Aswat, Snowden, Bin Laden and Assange. More funding plus more surveillance equals more terror – the equation is quite a cash cow. The eternal “War on Terror,” as we can see in Fleming’s classic novels, was predicted and planned to replace the Soviet threat. The Cold War allowed for the installation of the global surveillance grid, and now, the script is flipped on the populace – we’re all potential terrorists, and only benevolent Skynet can save us! These classic scams never fail, of course, because the mindless public never catches on.

Real-World Parallalels

From an esoteric perspective, all the hidden elements are contained in the opening sequence, which then unfold in the narrative. Bond’s journey Eastward is parallel to his descent into the abyss and “death” at the beginning, as his trip to Macau has him facing the “dragon” of the East, the demonic Mr. Silva. This is exemplified in his boat ride into the dragon’s mouth at Silva’s casino in Macau. In Casino Royale, Bond faced LeChiffre, a western “demon” in a casino, and now he must face a demon of the East. Silva, it turns out, is a master of false flags, having staged a chemical leak on a Chinese island, causing its inhabitants to flee, which enabled Silva to take up residence for his operations.

The divided psyche of a programmed killer.
The divided psyche of a programmed killer.

Just like the Underground bombing, Silva is a master of staging terror events – but remember – the film places all of this dastardly work on the shoulders of a former intelligence agent. There are never corrupt individuals within intelligence agencies (except that Quantum did allow for infiltration into MI6), and anyone who dares to question the mainstream version of attacks must be a traitor to authentic “patriotism.” Given the immensity of the perpetual lies the Western establishment has foisted upon us since 9/11, does anyone really believe the propaganda message of this film? If London was really worried about terror, they wouldn’t house radical Islamists in “Londonistan.”

To bring this full circle, Bond’s death and resurrection is emblematic of the reboot of the series. We know from the supposed “leak” of the new SPECTRE script by unknown “hackers” from North Korea (try to not laugh), the third act is up for grabs. Will we see Blofeld? What about Kissy Suzuki? In any case, the leaks were obviously a staged PR event, as other mega tech companies have done in the past, and with the new 007 film it is not accidental that Skyfall was about hackers, and now SPECTRE is hacked (by SPECTRE!). The laughs come, however, when one realizes that the establishment itself is SPECTRE.

The pseudo-hacking by North Koreans is tied to the release of The Interview to give a realistic feel to the threat of some unknown SPECTRE on the loose, when the entities that have all the motives and capabilities of SPECTRE are the ruling elite’s own legates. Casino Royale hintingly referenced 9/11, Quantum revealed the green scam, and Skyfall whispered about 7/7: We can expect more Blofeldian subterfuge to come, so grab your popcorn and your Walther PPK, because the DPRK is coming! Indeed, the lyrics of Adele’s theme for the film describe the post-9/11 terror world, where the old has crumbled, and the new technocratic “security state” now dominates. Like Chicken Little, the false cry of perpetual terror calls forth – the sky is falling, the sky is falling!  When we consider that Chicken Little was a World War II Disney propaganda film, the reference is likely not accidental.

This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten,  I’ve drowned and dreamt this moment, let the sky fall, when it crumbles, we will stand tall and face it all at Skyfall.

Read all Jay Dyer’s work on film, philosophy, science, and deep politics at Jay’s Analysis.

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  1. Jay wrote:
    “It is also telling that back in the 50s and 60s, Ian Fleming was already predicting the transition from the communist threat to the international terrorist threat”

    Wasn’t ‘Operatin Gladio’ going on in Europe at that time? I guess that was the beginning of modern day false flag terrorism (international communist terrorism).


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